Product number: 817

When initially training students in the fault finding and repair of air conditioning systems, difficulties can be experienced when evaluating a standard commercial unit. This is due to the fact that commercial systems are necessarily compact, of basic design and thermally insulated. The Hilton Model 817 with its open but fully operational format ensures that both the Trainer and the Trainee are able to study the major air conditioning parts and components on a working system and promotes a clear understanding of Air Conditioning Systems and in particular the reverse cycle operation of air conditioning systems for heating purposes.

The 817 Split Air Conditioning Trainer is mounted on a metal frame with high pressure and low pressure gauges connected to the two halves of the system. It consists of a small “split type” Air Conditioning unit with reverse cycle (Heat pump type heating) capability that is ready for immediate operation. The system pressure gauges, thermocouples and a multi-point digital temperature indicator allow both air conditioning and reverse cycle (heat pump) operation to be observed and more easily understood. When the system is switched from normal (air conditioning/cooling mode) to reverse cycle the system pressures can be seen to reverse along with many of the system temperatures.

The compressor, reversing valve, and suction return vessel together with the basic expansion devices for both cooling and heat pump (reverse cycle) operation are clearly visible. Integral safety devices ensure safe operation even by inexperienced students.

Specifications and resources

Refrigerant: Environment friendly and non-toxic.
Cooling power input: nominal 820W
Heating power input: nominal 870W
CoP: Nominal 2.5 to 3