Product number: A660/220/C

Allows the proportion of recirculated air to be varied and its effect upon the energy requirements for air conditioning to be investigated. Additional psychrometric measuring points supplied allow the enthalpy of two-mixed streams to be investigated.
Allows investigation of the individual and combined effects of Proportional, Integral and Derivative control of temperature and humidity and the components that are required for the process. Additional software allows the process to be computer controlled and monitored as in a Building Energy Management System.

Specifications and resources

1 x Recirculating Duct system
1 x PID controller and software
Psychrometric condition measured before and after each process by high precision wet and dry bulb sensors with 0 to 100% RH measurement capability.
Airflow is adjustable to at least 0.14m3/s.
Switchable heating up to 4kW.
Switchable steam injection up to 5kW electrical equivalent.
Cooling is by a fully instrumented vapour compression cycle with nominally 2kW capacity.