Product number: HVT5

The HVT5 Seismic Table comes with a wide range of model structures and variations to test many different concepts of ground movement activity and structure reaction. With this equipment students can learn some of the fundamental concepts of structure design and designing principles as well as gain a much fuller understanding of the back ground theory of many related topics and how they are applied in industry.

This apparatus is a uniaxial motion simulator (one-degree-of-freedom) but with this and the accessories supplied topics such as resonance, dampening, torsion, material properties and end condition fixings can be investigated. The unit consists of a bench mounted main base with front panel controls and display, the amplitude as well as the frequency of movement can be controlled and set by the user.

Two single axis accelerometer sensors are provided with magnetic bases; these can be fixed to the structure models and linked via sensor box, with digital oscilloscope capabilities, to a PC or laptop where data can be captured (via the software provided) and recorded for future analysis.

Comparison of a wide variety of models and setup variations can be achieved with the mounting boards provided. It is possible for students to construct their own models to fix to the platform for testing although only experiments with the equipment provided is outlined in the manual.

Specifications and resources

Frequency Range: 1 to 14Hz, 60 to 840 RPM (+/- 10%) dependant on setup and accessories used.
Amplitude range: 0- 10mm
Single Axis Accelerometers: x 2
9Vdc and 12Vdc operating voltage