Product number: H112N

A bench top accessory designed to allow students to simply and easily investigate the relative thermal conductivities of typical building materials. The H112N utilises a relative method of thermal conductivity measurement based upon an international standard (ISO 8301).

The H112N uses a PID controlled flat plate electrical heater and a water cooled flat plate with an integral and highly sensitive heat flowmeter. The specimen under test is sandwiched between the heated and cooled plates and contained in a thermally insulated enclosure to minimise heat losses. The loading system, ensures that the same clamping force is applied to all specimens. Calibrated silicon mats are included to enable the removal of air gaps,

The heat flowmeter gives an output to a digital panel meter on the special control and instrumentation console. Special thermocouples are arranged to measure mean temperatures either side of the test specimen, allowing the temperature gradient across the sample and hence the thermal conductivity to be determined. The thickness of the test sample may be measured in situ using the micrometer dial indicator on the clamping mechanism.

The unit allows the thermal resistance of samples to be determined and the measurement of samples connected in series (stacked). This allows the formula relating to individual thermal resistances and the overall thermal resistance of a stacked sample to be investigated.

Specifications and resources

Specimen: 300 x 300mm (up to 75mm in thickness)
Heater mat 500W
Maximum hot plate temperature: 70°C
Calibrated silicon mat