Product number: S201

A free standing bench top panel houses all instrumentation, a glass walled dump condenser, feed pump, a water jet air ejector, make-up tank and all other components with the exception of the steam generator, which is mounted on the left hand end of the panel.

The steam generator is fuelled by L.P.G. (principally Butane and Propane mixes) or Natural Gas as (an optional extra item) which is burned in a ring type burner. Primary air from a small fan is mixed with the fuel to give a non-luminous flame and secondary air, controlled by a rotating shutter, is supplied to the burner.
Combustion takes place in a ceramic fibre lined chamber and the hot combustion products flow upward through connected flat spiral coils of tube through which the water and steam flows. By manual adjustment of the feed water flow rate and/or the fuel flow rate the steam quality may be varied from very wet to super-heated.

On leaving the coils the steam enters a small manifold fitted with a safety valve, pressure and temperature measuring points, and a stop valve. From the stop valve the steam flows through the insulated steam main through a lockable isolating valve to a union in the right hand side of the panel, to which other modules (for example, the S211 Steam Turbine Module) may be connected.
The steam main is also connected to a manually adjusted, “dump valve” which discharges into the water cooled “dump condenser” mounted on the front of the panel. It is the setting of this valve which usually determines the pressure of the steam. The dump condenser is an important feature of this generator module and has several functions.

Condensate from the dump condenser is pressurised by the feed pump and returned to the steam generator via a flow meter and feed check valve. The dump condenser also has suitably valved connections to the make-up tank, water jet air ejector and to a union in the lower right-hand side of the panel through which condensate and air is returned from a connected module.

The S201 operates on a closed feed system and the only make-up required is to make good the loss associated with air extraction and any leakages.

Specifications and resources

Steam Generator: Stainless Steel, continuous coil type, producing steam at up to 10 bar 240°C at a rate of approx. 7.5 kg per hour.
Burner: Ring type gas burner for LPG (Or Natural Gas by special order). Heat rate 7.0kW approx.
Dump Condenser: Strong glass walled cylinder with water cooled coil
Dump Valve: manually adjusted, relief valve.
Feed System: Closed feed system with pump, pressure regulating valve and make-up tank. Maximum throughput approx. 3.5cm3 s-1.
Air Extraction: Water jet air ejector.
Three variable area meters for:
- Fuel gas flow rate*- Range 800 to 4000cm3min-1
- Feed water flow rate-Range 20 to 280cm3min-1
- Condenser cooling water flow rate-Range 4 to 50 g/sec.
*A Butane (C4H10) scale is fitted as standard but a correction graph is provided for mixtures of C4H10 and Propane (C3H8).
1 x digital CO2 meter with CO and O2 indicator.
2 x pressure gauges. Ranges 0 to 16 bar g and -1 to +1 bar g.
1 x multi-point digital temperature indicator with 8 type K thermocouples for all important temperatures.
Manual control of:
- Fuel flow rate
- Feed water flow rate
- Cooling water flow rate
- Air extraction
- Steam pressure via dump valve
- Secondary air.
- Steam generator constructed from small bore stainless steel tubes to a design approved by RSA (Royal & Sun Alliance), individually tested and supplied with a Test Certificate.
- Safety valves fitted to steam generator and dump condenser.
Burner lock-out with manual reset:
- Excessive steam generator pressure.
- Excessive combustion products temperature.
- Excessive dump condenser pressure.
- Failure of pilot flame, electricity supply or gas supply.
Cut out with automatic reset for excessive steam temperature. Neon indicating lamps for above conditions.