Product number: F100G

This P. A. Hilton F100G Drag Force Investigation Module is simple and straightforward to operate. It does afford the student the opportunity to, first hand, observe qualitatively and quantitatively investigate the concept of drag by wake traverse and direct weighing, as well as, assessing the pressure distribution around a bluff body; ideally comparing the different experimental techniques, the influence of profile on drag, as well as theoretical predictions with the pre-determined quantitative experimental data.
A short duct with integral load balance allows the drag of a body to be directly measured at a range of approach velocities.
The bodies include an aerofoil, cylinder and plate. The cylinder has a radial tapping to allow investigation of the pressure distribution around the cylinder.

Specifications and resources

Graduated Face: 360°in 10° intervals
Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Power input cable