Product number: H102M

An Example of one of the most commonly used heat exchangers; seen in every automotive engine bay and air conditioning installation. Multiple aluminium channels allow water to pass through the heat exchanger with cooling fins fixed between them to increase the surface area and heat transfer, resulting in a total surface area of 0.2025m2.

A Cooling fan is supplied with a speed controller to control the airflow over the heat exchanger. Thermocouples are placed before and after the fan to measure air temperature. Water temperature is also measured via the inbuilt thermocouples of the base unit.

Power is supplied by the external 240v socket mounted on the side of the unit which feeds a 12v power supply to the speed controller and fan. Quick release connections allow for ease and speed of connection of the hot water hoses.

Specifications and resources

Heat output 300w approximately
Utilises self-sealing quick release connectors
16 row 124 x 115mm heat exchanger (core)
119mm square fan
Variable speed fan