Product number: 804

Hermetic refrigeration systems using a capillary tube as the flow control are very extensively used in domestic and small commercial refrigeration appliances such as freezers, Air Conditioners, Water Chillers etc. Effective, economically acceptable and lasting repairs are only possible when the Service Engineer has a thorough understanding of the Hermetic System.

The comprehensive 804 Hermetic Refrigeration System Training Unit manual supplied, leads the student from a fundamentals understanding to a full understanding of the hermetic system.

The 804 Training Unit is mounted on a steel frame with stainless steel panels and comprises an hermetic type compressor with air cooled condenser and evaporator with capillary tube flow control.

Using the push button switches, five system faults can be introduced into the system:
i. Excess discharge pressure
ii. Faulty compressor valve
iii. Choked capillary
iv. Overcharged system
v. Undercharged system

A standard Student Tool Kit, Test and Service Equipment Package and Maintenance and Student Practice Package are available as optional items.

Specifications and resources

Fan cooled hermetic condensing unit with high starting torque compressor
Front mounted evaporator with suction accumulator
Liquid line dryer
Compound and Pressure gauges
Suction and discharge service valves fitted
High pressure safety switch
Digital readout of condenser outlet temperature
On/off switches for compressor and condenser fan
Fault selection control switches