Product number: HSM10

The theoretical deflections of curved shapes are most easily found by applying strain energy ideas, such as Castigliano's first theorem. The shapes chosen in this apparatus provide a relatively easy introduction to the use of such techniques.

A bench mounted base supports a variety of curved bars in the form of a ring, semi-circle or quadrant/davit. Loads are applied by specially designed weight hangers so that the specimen bends.

Horizontal and vertical deflections are measured by dial gauges rigidly attached to the base and surrounding pillars. The bars can be readily changed and the position of the dial gauges relocated to measure the deflections of the new configuration. All specimens, weight hangers and a set of calibrated weights are supplied.

Specifications and resources

Base plate with levelling feet
Three test specimens:
- Solid ring Ø300mm outside diameter
- Semi-circle Ø150mm radius to centreline of material
- Quadrant Ø150mm radius to centreline of material
Specimen material: 25mm wide x 1.5mm thick (nominal); steel
Analogue dial gauges; 3 off, 0…10mm travel, 0.01mm resolution