Product number: F100K

The Optional Principles Of Airflow, Friction Losses In Bends And Pipe Elements F100K components have been designed for operation with the Hilton Airflow System F100. The components allow students to quantitatively investigate pressure drops in pipe sections and bends and flow measurement using an orifice plate. The unit also allows students to utilise the flow measuring devices in conjunction with the fan throttle supplied in order to estimate the fan performance under a range of conditions.

A series of straight pipe sections, bends and different air inlet shapes that are equipped with static pressure tapings to allow air pressure drops due to pipe friction to be measured at a range of air velocities. The air flow rate may be measured using a standard orifice using the differential pressure.

Specifications and resources

Large diameter pipe and bend: 106mm Bore
Small diameter pipe and bend: 82mm Bore
Orifice Plate inlet diameter 0.071m
Four tapping's in orifice plate