Product number: RE570

In the field of renewable energy, wind power generation represents one of the most universally available sources of electrical energy. It is important that students understand the factors that affect turbine and generator performance.

The Hilton Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine RE570 allows students to investigate the performance of a typical small scale 3 phase to DC wind generator. The unit will provide interesting and instructive experimental work for all students.

A small diameter horizontal axis wind turbine with 3 phase generator and integral DC rectification. The unit is supplied with a small mounting ‘stub’ mast for installation at an elevated height. Alternatively the unit may be mounted on a locally available mast or the optional RE570C for examination by students.

The unit may be operated into the battery charge controller supplied and a variable load for performance investigation. 

The instrumentation and control console supplied allows measurement of electrical power output, turbine speed and variation of applied load. The air velocities before and after the turbine are measured in order to allow students to investigate the overall performance of the unit.

Specifications and resources

Turbine Diameter: Ø910mm
Standard number of Blades: 6
3 phase generator
Mounting stub: 500mm long
AC to DC generation
Air velocity sensor before turbine
Air velocity sensor after turbine
External loading up to 15A