Product number: H352

A vertically mounted rectangular section duct with an opaque plastic front cover is connected at its lower end to the intake of a powerful variable speed fan. At the upper end of the duct is a bell mouth air intake. Air is drawn by the fan into the duct and past the heat exchanger accessory before being discharged from the fan.

A pair of manometers allows measurement of the pressure drop across the intake from which the air velocity in the duct may be determined. Situated at approximately mid height in the front of the duct is an opening into which any of the various heat exchanger accessories may be located. Each of the optional heat exchanger accessories is serviced by an instrumentation and control console supplied as part of the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352.

The console provides control and measurement of low voltage power to the optional heat exchanger accessories and allows measurement of all the relevant heat exchanger and air stream temperatures. For operator safety the instrumentation console limits all heat exchanger accessories to approximately 100°C and contains electrical overload and earth leakage protection. The instrumentation and control console also enables installation of the optional computerised data acquisition upgrade that may be either factory fitted or user installed at a later date.

Specifications and resources

Maximum air velocity: up to 30m/s
- Vertically mounted duct of 65 x 150mm cross-section.
- Front cover of opaque plastic with a central opening of 200mm length.
- Three-phase centrifugal blower.
- Air Flow Control by fan speed control inverter mounted on the fan frame.
- Digital electronic thermometer with 0.1°C resolution.
- Analogue voltmeter Range: 0 to 70V.
- Rotary variable transformer range: 0 and 70V.
- 1 Duct mounted inclined manometer. Range: 0 to 100 mm H2O.
- 1 Duct mounted inclined manometer. Range. 0 to 20 mm H2O.
Voltage switch