Product number: HST23B
This option is available to enhance the experiments of the HST23. It uses a majority of the standard items supplied with the HST23, so no additional large costs are required.

A simulated 'ladder' can be leant against the inside members of the HST1 or HST100 frames. At each end of the ladder are bearing rollers. The vertical roller is supported in a wall plate whilst the horizontal roller is supported in a ground plate. To prevent collapse of the ladder it is loosely restrained within the vertical wall plate.

The vertical and horizontal reactions are provided by cords tensioned using a combination of calibrated weights. Equilibrium is monitored by visually observing the roller positions when the ladder is loaded.

A sliding weight can be easily clamped at selected positions on the ladder while equilibrium is established.

The weights and hangers provided with the HST23 are used for the HST23B.

Specifications and resources

Ladder length: 560mm (approx.)
Increments on ladder: every 70mm
Movable weight secured with knurled thumbscrew
'Ladder' angle from 10° to 45° during experiments
Sliding mass: 0.5kg (approx.)