Product number: HPM3

A double acting hydraulic ram is mounted on a travelling carriage.  The wheels of the carriage roll on the bottom flanges of the horizontal upper cross member of the HPM1 “MAGNUS” Universal Test Frame and clamping screws and hand wheels are provided to lock the carriage where required.  This enables the loading span to be varied accordingly.

The hydraulic ram is operated using a 700Bar hand pump, which is mounted on a mobile table. A manually operated shut off valve at the end of the hand pump controls the travel direction of the ram, and stabilisation of the load. A digital pressure indicator shows the ram pressure via a transducer. The digital display is calibrated in “psi”. The digital indicator can be moved around the hydraulic table and tilted to give a better viewing angle.

The hydraulic table has an integral shelf to store accessories. Two off 4 metre flexible hoses with self-sealing couplings are provided. One hose for the raising side and another for lowering.

The stroke of the hydraulic ram is upto 250mm. An additional extension of 250mm is supplied and can be fitted to bring the test specimen closer to the ram. Additional accessories are also supplied to give both a "flat" contact point and "point" contact point.

Specifications and resources

Hand pump, 700 bar maximum working pressure
Double acting ram, stroke, approximately 250mm
Hydraulic hose, 4 metre long
Self-sealing hose fittings
Digital pressure indicator, psi calibrated
Pressure sensor, 0 to 700Bar rating
Ram end cap: Ø50 x 50(L) mm
Ram extension: Ø50 x 250(L) mm
Steel ball: Ø25.4mm
Thread: M42 x 1.5mm