Product number: H352A
The accessory includes two clear plastic plates that are designed to fit the aperture in the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352 duct. One plate has a single central hole and the other consists of a six row tube bank with a removable tube in the centre of each row.

An electrically heated cylindrical active element with an integral surface thermocouple is supplied which may be inserted in the apertures in each of the two plates. Using the single tube plate the active element may be used to investigate the variation in heat transfer, temperature difference and surface heat transfer variation with air stream velocity.

Replacing the removable tube in each row in turn in the tube bundle allows the variation in heat transfer coefficient in a tube bundle to be investigated. The cylindrical active element plugs directly into the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352 instrumentation console and this allows measurement of the low voltage power supplied to the heater and the surface temperature.

Specifications and resources

Active element: Ø15.8mm copper x 50mm (L)
Multi Tube Plate: 27 fixed tubes, Ø16mm, 32mm pitch
Single Tube Plate: Hole for active element