Product number: HFC21
This apparatus is used to verify that centrifugal force varies with the square of the speed, the rotating mass, and the radius of gyration.

The bench-mounted unit houses a speed-controlled motor, which carries a horizontal assembly. This assembly comprises a boom which rotates and onto which sliding weights are fitted and adjusted. The weights are attached to centrifugal rods, which move outwards during rotation and through crank levers apply a force to an integral load cell.

The speed of rotation of the boom is displayed on the front panel along with the digital force reading. A unique feature is that all three variables can be set and the centrifugal force directly read from the digital force display.

Six masses are supplied along with all the necessary tools, spares and accessories.

Specifications and resources

Path radii: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150mm
6 x centrifugal weights: 100g each
Digital readout of force: 0..100N, 0.1N resolution
Digital readout of rotational speed: 0…350rpm, 1rpm resolution