Product number: HB100B

The HB100B hydraulics bench module allows students to verify the Bernoulli’s theorem with a practical demonstration.

The water is fed from the HB100 base unit into the Venturi section and flows through one end and as the cross sectional area changes so does the pressure and velocity in accordance with the Bernoulli’s equation.
A horizontal Venturi is enclosed in a clear plastic cylinder having 10 pressure point tappings that connect to water manometers as well as a total pressure manometer that traverses along the centre line of the Venturi section.

The manometers connect to a common manifold that incorporates an air pressure control valve and a hand actuated pump. A datum water level can be adjusted using the pump. There is a flow control valve on the outlet portion of the Venturi. The manometers have a graduated scale placed behind them to allow for ease of measurement of the water level.

The test section is arranged so the characteristics of the flow through the converging and diverging Venturi can be investigated. The flow can be measured by the optional HB100K. Once the end flow rate is set, the head measurements can be taken from each of the manometers to illustrate the pressure distribution along the test section.

The test can then be repeated, decreasing the flow setting in increments. The ideal distribution can then be compared to that of the measured one. The coefficient of discharge for the meter can therefore be calculated.

Specifications and resources

Flow rate control tap
Vertical tube manometers
Max flow rate: 30 l/min (approx.).
Inlet and Outlet inside diameter: Ø25mm
Throat inside diameter: Ø15.6mm