Product number: F300D

The Reaction Turbine Module F300D turbine is a single stage, radial flow, two jet reaction machine, operating on air, specially designed and manufactured by P.A. Hilton Limited for experimental and teaching purposes. With a throttle valve and belt brake dynamometer, inlet and outlet air temperatures are recorded allowing the temperature drop due to work output to be measured.

The turbine rotor is carried on a steel shaft running in oil lubricated ball bearings. Compressed air, delivered to the rotor through a central duct provided with a face seal, passes into the rotor and then moves radially to convergent nozzles formed in the periphery. The resulting high velocity jet leaving the rotor and the momentum changes associated with the air movement produces a REACTION which drives the rotor and produces a shaft power output.

The turbine rotor is housed within a thick walled stainless steel exhaust casing and air from this passes to the atmosphere via a flow meter. Inlet and outlet air pressures, temperatures and air flow rate, turbine torque and speed are recorded by a combination of instrumentation on the Compressible Flow Range F300 base unit and the optional module.

Specifications and resources

2 x Thermocouples
10N Load Cell maximum capacity
Turbine Speed: 35,000 rpm (continuous)
Turbine Speed: 40,000 rpm (short periods only)
Pressure Relief valve setting: 100kN/m2.