Product number: HSM31

A sturdy bench top mounted unit for applying torque to failure on metal specimens. 30Nm torque is applied via the moment head to differing material test specimens using hand operated worm and wheel gearbox (60:1 ratio).

The unit can cater for test specimens of up to 750mm between the moment head and torsion head. The moment head is fixed but the torsion head can be moved along the base to allow for the different lengths of specimen. The change in length of the specimen is not restricted during the experiment. Standard hexagon drives are used for transmitting the torque into the specimens.

The angular position of one end of the test specimen can be adjusted before and during the experiment to either compensate for twist or to set known twist. This is done using the adjustment mechanism on the torsion head and the reference dial gauge mounted on the torsion head also.

Strain gauge technology is used within the torsion head and the output from these strain gauges is fed directly into the digital display (supplied). The software supplied captures and stores the data so that further data manipulation and processing can be made and print outs of the results can be created.

Specifications and resources

30Nm torsion ability
Bench top unit, with sturdy extruded base frame
18 test specimens supplied in steel (x6), aluminium (x6) and brass (x6)
17mm A/F hexagon ends on specimens
Test diameter on specimens: Ø6mm nominal
Can cater for specimen lengths up to 750mm
Specimen loading through 60:1 worm/wheel gearbox operated by hand
Digital display of torque (resolution of 0.1Nm) and angle (resolution of 0.1°)
Analogue dial gauge: 10 or 25mm range, 0.01mm resolution