Product number: B500

A realistically scaled ventilation training unit capable of enabling students to study both basic airflow and fluid mechanics as well as the more complex process of commissioning and balancing a multi-ducted air distribution system.

The unit consists of a foreword curved variable speed centrifugal fan and integral control console together with a rectangular air intake and filter holder. The fan has a supply pressure of up to 890N/m2 and a flow rate of up to 0.8m3/s depending upon the blockage factor. The fan discharges directly into a 200mm dia. galvanised steel duct and this connects directly to the distribution ductwork.

Sufficient components are supplied with the unit to enable parallel branch and line balancing experiments to be undertaken. A minimum of 6 air supply points are provided that may be balanced on the assembled unit to supply a range of airflows. A portable manometer, pitot static tube and hand held anemometer allow a large range of experiments to be undertaken.

Specifications and resources

Fan Unit: Motor power 0.75kW (approx.) on load. Starting load is greater.
Fan supply pressure of up to 890N/m2, flow rate of up to 0.8m3/s depending upon the blockage factor.
Fan discharge directly into a 200mm dia. galvanised steel duct.
Control Console: Analogue Voltmeter, analogue Ammeter, variable Transformer, combined miniature circuit breaker and Main Switch, Internally mounted.
Epoxy coated steel frame housing the fan unit.
Ductwork Galvanised steel.
A combined vertical (Range 0-2000 N/m²) and inclined (Range 0-200 N/m²) manometer.
Unit supplied with 305mm x 4mm diameter pitot static tube and spare fluid.
A battery powered rotating vane anemometer with digital readout. Range approximately 0-30m/s.
Internally fitted 30mA Residual Current Circuit Breaker gives high degree of protection to operator from electrical shock.
All rotating components covered when filter and holder are in position.