Product number: H102B

The H102B Plate Heat exchanger is a 4-plate brazed model that demonstrates the basic principles of heat transfer. The H102B is designed to be used with the Heat Exchanger Service Module H102. The heat exchanger is mounted on the H102 panel. The ‘Hot side’ self-sealing plugs are on the left and the ‘Cold side’ sockets on the right.

Each plate is corrugated to promote turbulence and is perforated to allow the hot and cold streams to remain in sealed passages on opposite sides of the plates and allow the transfer of heat. It is the combination of turbulence, low volume, high surface area and high fluid velocities that give the high heat transfer capacity in a small volume.

In normal operation, hot water from the heater/circulator flows via the ‘HOT OUT’ braided hose into the upper ‘Hot side’ coupling. Its temperature at entry to the heat exchanger is measured by a thermocouple. It then flows through the heat exchanger and leaves. Its temperature on exit is measured by a similar thermocouple. Cold water flows through the alternate passage between the alternate plates. The cold water is fed into the heat exchanger via the ‘COLD OUT’ reinforced hose and leaves via the ‘COLD RETURN’ hose. Thermocouples measure the cold water inlet and return temperatures. The flow direction of the cold stream relative to the hot stream can be reversed by changing the location of cold inlet and exit tubes.

Specifications and resources

Plate Material: Stainless steel
Number of plates: 4
Number of Hot side channels: 2
Number of Cold side channels: 3