Product number: HSM8

A steel, powder coated wall housing is mounted to a rigid vertical support. A compression spring with industry standard ground ends rests flat onto the lower inner horizontal surface of the housing. At the upper end of the spring, rests a profiled boss attached to the Load hanger. The profiled boss has a chamfered face thus ensure central location of the spring during loading and caters for other diameters of springs also.

An integral compression scale is attached to the wall housing. This gives an accurate indication of the compression being applied to the spring. A compression indicator is attached to the shaft of the Load hanger. This has a horizontal reference line to ensure the compression can be read off the compression scale. The indicator can be adjusted up and down the length of the Load hanger to adjust the start position of compression and also to cater for different lengths of compression spring that may be used.

The Load hanger has a solid base to allow safe suspension of the calibrated weights supplied with the apparatus.

Specifications and resources

Steel, powder coated wall housing
Zinc plated carbon steel compression springs
- 1 x O.D = Ø31.75mm; wire = Ø3.25mm; Spring Rate = 2.71N/mm
- 1 x O.D = Ø25.4mm; wire = Ø2.64mm; Spring Rate = 3.06N/mm
- 1 x O.D = Ø31.75mm; wire = Ø2.64mm; Spring Rate = 0.92N/mm
- 1 x O.D = Ø38.1mm; wire = Ø3.25mm; Spring Rate = 3.29N/mm
Load hanger
Movable extension indicator
Extension scale calibrated in mm, resolution 1mm