Product number: HST4

A 1.0 metre flat bridge deck is formed using two symmetrical arches. The arches have springing's (hinges) at their outer most ends and at the crown (centre), thus creating the three hinges. The left hand springing is held in position whilst allowing rotational movement of the arch section. The right hand springing allows the arch section to rotate and move horizontally against a load cell on a track plate.

The load cell measures the horizontal thrust created when a Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) or tandem load is applied to the arch bridge deck. The horizontal thrust from the load cell is measured using the HDA200 Interface (sold separately). The tandem load simulates a rolling vehicle, and can be dismantled to produce two point loads of different magnitude.

Two arch arrangements are supplied. One being a symmetrical arch and the other being an unsymmetrical arch. Both being easily interchangeable. The arch bridge deck allows for unrestricted positioning of the loads along the arch span.

Specifications and resources

Symmetrical Arch: Rise = 200mm, span 1000mm
Unsymmetrical Arch: Rise = 250mm, span =750mm
Eight calibrated load bars supplied: 12.5N/m each
Load cell measures horizontal thrust, range; 0…500N
Rolling loads of 10N and 25N with joining link