Product number: HST2

A rigid bridge deck is suspended from twin steel suspension cables by pairs of vertical tie rods, which when fully assembled create cables of a parabolic form with 1.0metre span and 0.2metre dip.
The ends of each cable pass over pulleys which terminate in load cells which record the cable tension when connected to the HDA200 Interface (sold separately).

The bridge loading is applied via a number of calibrated test bars, each having a known N/m value.
Point loads can also be applied by means of a calibrated mass, which can be position quickly and easily on the bridge deck.
The smooth design of the bridge deck allows a wide variety of unrestricted load positions to be used along the beam lengths.

Specifications and resources

Bridge Deck Length: 1000mm
Bridge Deck width: 102mm
Bridge Cable 'dip': 200mm
UDL Bar: 12.5N/m each
Point Load: 20N
Load Cell: 500N