Product number: H112F

A small scale bench top accessory designed to experimentally investigate how measured temperatures can be influenced by the effects of radiation, temperature sensor design and surface finish.

Three temperature sensors of different form and surface finish are mounted centrally in a circular stainless steel duct that is surrounded locally by an electrical heater. An additional temperature sensor records the temperature of the inside of the heated duct adjacent to the centrally mounted thermocouples. A radiation shield may be raised or lowered over the centrally mounted thermocouples to investigate the effects of shielding.

The circular duct is mounted on the discharge from a centrifugal fan. Air from the fan is blown through the duct past the temperature sensors at a controlled velocity of between 0 and 8m/s. The air velocity is measured by an in duct anemometer. The heater power supply and temperature sensors connect to the Heat Transfer Service Unit H112 while velocity is recorded on auxiliary instrumentation supplied as part of the H112F unit.

Specifications and resources

Three Test thermocouples
Ø1.5mm polished bead
Ø1.5mm matt black bead
Ø3.0mm matt black bead
Heater: 200W at 230Vac
Air velocity: 0…8m/s