Product number: HSM51

This combined hardness tester is designed for measuring hardness of metals. The specimens can be flat, or round and irregular in shape. The hardness tester is a cast iron bench mounted unit. The principle of operation is based around a lever and weights. The weights are applied to the free end of a lever, which then transmits pressure onto the plunger, which then indents the specimen under test. The weights are automatically selected using the rotary selector on the side of the unit.

A dial gauge monitors the loading during preload and test loading. The large dial face has the Rockwell ‘B’ and ‘C’ scales visible along with the preload scale. A side mounted lever allows the safe and control application of the preload and main load.

The specimen height is adjusted using the large elevation screw support and handle supplied. The elevation screw is protected with a rubber bellows.

Two test tables are supplied in Ø50mm and Ø38mm, with the Ø38mm table incorporating a ‘V’ groove for holding round jobs from 6…45mm. A range of indenters are also supplied. Test blocks are supplied to Rockwell ‘C’ and ‘B’ scale and Brinell Hardness.

Work piece clamps are provided for clamping the specimens down on the apparatus. A Brinell Microscope is supplied along with all the necessary tools, instruction manuals and warranty.

Specifications and resources

To have ability to undertake Rockwell and Brinell hardness tests in a single unit
Ability to submit test loads of 60, 100, 150Kgf for Rockwell and 187.5Kgf with preload of 10Kgf to specimens
To include test tables in Ø38 and Ø50mm and ‘V’ groove for round specimens
Indenters supplied
Dial gauge readout of ‘B’ and ‘C’ scales
Automatic selection of loading weights
Rubber bellows for protection of elevating screw
Hardness tables supplied for referencing