Product number: HVT12B

The HVT12B allows a number of torsional experiments to be applied to rod specimens. A vertical backboard is fixed to the HVT12F (not supplied), and assists the securing of the top end of the rod. Along the length of the rod can be attached a solid disc. Additionally a solid ring and split ring are included, that can rest onto the disc to increase the overall inertia.
Different end conditions can be introduced by allowing the bottom end of the wire to be free or clamped, thus stiffening the rod specimen.
The bottom end clamp has the ability to shorten the rod length and vary the experimental parameters.
A torsion system is supplied that allows the rod to be twisted at set intervals against a protractor.
A support frame, damping cylinder and tank enable controlled damping to be applied. 
Includes steel and brass rods complete with clamps and adaptors.

Specifications and resources

Two steel specimens, Ø3.175mm & Ø4.75mm; 1200(L)mm
Solid Disk: Ø250 x 30(t)mm, steel, 11.5kg (approx)
Ring: Ø250 O.D x Ø160 i.d x 30(t)mm, steel, 4.5kg (approx)
Split ring: Ø250 O.D x Ø160 i.d x 40(t)mm, steel, 8.75kg (approx)
Protractor scale: ±30°, 1 degree increments