Product number: A660B

Allows the proportion of recirculated air to be varied and its effect upon the energy requirements for air conditioning to be investigated. Additional psychrometric measuring points supplied allow the enthalpy of two-mixed streams to be investigated.

Specifications and resources

250mm Diameter Fast Clamp
250mm Spigot Plate
250mm 2 Part Duct Suspension Bracket
Fan inlet Duct Support Bracket
Air inlet Duct Assembly
Return Duct (Length 2m)
Exhaust Duct Assembly
Fan inlet Duct Assembly
Volume Control Assembly
Wet Bulb Spirit in Glass Thermometer, -10 to +50ºC
300mm Spirit in Glass Thermometer, -10 to 50ºC
Inclined Manometer, 0 to 12.5mm WG + Manometer Fluid