Product number: HFC2
A bench mounted base board, with a raised circular table with a central pin and 360° protractor has three pulleys on adjustable clamps around the table edge.

Three cord assemblies with hooks, attach to a central ring and terminate at Load hangers. The central ring rests over the central pin of the raised table, while weights are added to the individual hangers. The central ring is then removed from the central pin, and the condition of equilibrium is allowed to be obtained naturally.

The lines of action of each applied force is read from the protractor attached to the raised table. The triangle of forces in equilibrium can be constructed and the resultant of two known forces can be found.

Specifications and resources

Base Board: 350(L) x 350(W) mm
Raised Table: 200mm above base board, Ø300mm
Protractor: 0…360°, 1° resolution
3 x pulley bracket
3 x Load hanger