Product number: C492D

The C492D Optional Combustion analyser is an advanced unit that is designed primarily for research purposes.
The unit has additional sensors to the hand held analyser which is supplied as standard with the C492 base unit.

Specifications and resources

The C492D analyser can be used in three modes:
Standard Mode: The probe is placed in the flue elbow and the readings observed on the handset display. A till-roll type printer allows the results to be printed out.
PC Logging Mode: The Quintox is connected to a PC; and readings are automatically sent to the PC every 10 seconds.
Download Mode: This is for sending data stored on the Logging handset (at 10 second intervals) to a PC, after the experiments have been completed.
16 Tactile keys with sounder
4 line backlight LCD
Rechargeable batteries: 8 hours from full charge, 12 hour charge time