Product number: F100E

The Optional Flow Round a Bend F100E investigation duct has been designed for operation with the Hilton Airflow System F100. The duct allows students to investigate the static pressure distribution on both the inside and outside radius of a 100mm x 50mm rectangular bend. There are also a series of four pressure tapping's arranged radially to allow investigation of secondary flow circulation within the duct.

A 90 degree bend of constant cross section has air blown through it from the Airflow System F100. Along the inner and outer radius at strategic points, static pressure tapping points are located. When connected to the F100A the static pressure profile along the inner and outer radius of the bend may be measured at a range of air velocities.

Specifications and resources

Four tapping's at 60, 70, 80 and 90mm radius
10 outer pressure tapping's
10 inner pressure tapping's
Rectangular Bend: 100mm outside radius
Rectangular Bend: 50mm inside radius