Product number: HFC15

This apparatus represents the forces in a simple crane and introduces the student to equilibrium of forces and solution by the triangle of forces.

The crane is mounted on a base designed to be stood on a level bench. The jib arm pivots about its vertical support, whilst the tie retains the jib in its angled position. Both the jib and tie include spring balances for measuring the internal forces. A load is hung from the end of the jib by using the Load hanger and calibrated weights set provided.

Re-adjustment of the crane geometry back to its original unloaded layout is possible by adjusting the links of the chain.

Specifications and resources

Maximum vertical distance between wall pivots approximately 350mm
Tensile Member length: 500mm (approx.)
Compressive Member length: 400mm (approx.)
Tensile force spring balance 6Kgf in 0.1Kgf increments
Compressive force spring balance: 60N in 2N increments
Weights set: 2 x 2N; 3 x 5N
1 x Load hanger