Product number: HSM2

Apparatus to understand and investigate directly the relationship between the torsional load applied to a round bar and the angular twist produced and how this relationship varies with the beam material and it’s cross sectional polar moment of area. Specimens are rigidly held in a clamp fixed to one end of the bench top base frame. A bearing at the other end contains a short shaft with an integral pulley and chuck.

The pulley has cord wrapped around its periphery to allow torque to be applied using the Load hanger and calibrated weights supplied. A rotation scale and pointer can be attached at any point on the specimen's length to find the angle of twist of the specimen. A specimen set is supplied with a variety of specimens in round bar and differing materials.

Specifications and resources

Extruded aluminium base frame with solid connecting bars
3-jaw chuck to hold specimens at one end with chuck keys supplied
90° Protractor in 1° increments
Mild steel rod: Ø5mm x 500mm long
Brass rod: Ø5mm x 500mm long
Aluminium alloy rod: Ø4.76mm x 500mm long
Nylon rod: Ø6.35mm x 500mm long
2 x attaching protractors and protractor scales provided