Product number: HSM56

A wall mounted vertical bracket houses two independent mechanisms side by side for testing tension and compression springs. The left hand side tests tension springs whilst the right hand side tests compression spring.

A set of springs is supplied which allows the student to test the relationship between applied load and extension for tension and compression springs. The springs are easily installed and changed, and the integral deflection scale ensures accurate monitoring of the deflection during spring loading.

A set of calibrated weights is supplied with this apparatus. Weights are attached to the Load hanger for the tension and compression testing.

Specifications and resources

Integral deflection scale: 0……80mm; 1mm resolution
4 x tension springs supplied, with spring rates of:
- 0.58N/mm
- 1.04N/mm
- 0.31N/mm
- 0.79N/mm
3 x Compression springs supplied with spring rates of:
- 2.71N/mm
- 3.29N/mm
- 3.06N/mm