Product number: F300C

The Impulse Turbine Module F300C turbine is a single stage, axial flow impulse machine, operating on air, specially designed and manufactured by P.A. Hilton Limited for experimental and teaching purposes. An impulse turbine with 4 separate nozzles and control valves, a throttle valve and belt brake dynamometer. Inlet and outlet air temperatures are recorded allowing the temperature drop due to work output to be measured.

Inlet and outlet air pressures, temperatures and air flow rate, turbine torque and speed are recorded by a combination of instrumentation on the Compressible Flow Range F300 base unit and the optional module.

The turbine rotor is carried by a steel shaft which runs in oil lubricated ball bearings housed in an extension to the nozzle plate. The rotor is machined from solid brass and has 45 blades of symmetrical shape with tip angles of approximately 40°. A stainless steel shroud ring is shrunk on to the blades to minimise tip leakage and to increase strength. The nozzle plate carries four equally spaced convergent nozzles which discharge at 20° to the plane of rotation into the blades.

A removable thick walled stainless steel sleeve is attached to the nozzle plate with quick release catches, and forms a combined guard and exhaust casing for the turbine. The end of this casing is closed by a polycarbonate window which allows observation of the rotor when in operation. The turbine is equipped with 4 separate nozzles and individual shut off valves. The turbine is mounted centrally in the lower front of a black panel for bench top use. Each nozzle is provided with its own isolating valve so that the number of nozzles in operation may be varied.

Specifications and resources

2 x Thermocouples
10N Load Cell maximum capacity
Turbine Speed: 35,000 rpm (continuous)
Turbine Speed: 40,000 rpm (short periods only)
Pressure Relief valve setting: 100kN/m2.