C100 Internal Combustion Engine Test Stand

A robust floor mounted engine test  stand with modular instrumentation and control system.

A regenerative dynamometer includes both torque and speed control together with direct reading dynamometer digital display.

The dynamometer will accept engines up to 4kW shaft power output.

Engine speed and all relevant temperatures are  also displayed on digital panel meters on the remote instrumentation console.

Air to the engine passes through an intake orifice and pulsation damper. The flow measurement orifice is connected to a panel mounted manometer to allow differential pressure measurement.

Fuel flow is measured using a calibrated volumetric fuel gauge.

Each of the optional engines are pre-installed on a standard mounting plate that is designed to allow quick and easy installation on the test bed. Each engine is supplied with a suitable fuel tank and supply system with quick release self sealing fuel couplings.

Operator safety is ensured by a range of interlocks and safety cut out devices

A floor mounted modular internal combustion engine test stand with regenerative dynamometer and a range of optional internal combustion engines up to 4kW shaft power.

A separate instrumentation console allows measurement and display of the engine torque, speed, air consumption, fuel consumption, inlet air temperature and exhaust gas temperature.

The unit is supplied with a detailed experimental operating and maintenance manual giving example experimental results and sample calculations.

Accessories and spares for two years normal operation together with a full two year warranty are also included as standard.

  • Measurement of the Torque-Speed and Power-Speed Curves for An Internal Combustion Engine at a Wide Range of Throttle/Fuel Injector Settings
  • Measurement the Specific Fuel Consumption at Constant Speed and Varying Power Output
  • Measurement Air-Fuel Ratio and Engine Thermal Efficiency at a Range of Throttle / Fuel Injector Settings.
  • Investigation of Engine Internal Friction at a Range of Engine Speeds.
  • Investigation of the Above Parameters on a Range of 4 and 2 Stroke Gasoline engines and 4 Stroke Diesel Engine.


A: 380-415 Volts, 3Phase 50Hz (With NEUTRAL and earth/ground).                

     Line current up to 16A


B: 210-220 Volts, 3 Phase 50/60Hz (With earth/ground).

     Line current up to 32A