S220 Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine

S220 Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine

A bench top Rankine cycle steam turbine with electric fired boiler, throttle valve, impulse turbine, sub-atmospheric water cooled condenser and boiler feed pump.

Includes instrumentation to record all relevant temperatures, pressures, cooling water and gas flows, turbine speed and turbine brake load.

Safety features include high pressure cut out switches and relief valves on boiler and condenser, steam solenoid valve and electrical overload cut outs and earth leakage circuit breaker. 

Optional Extra:

S220A Generator Demonstration Module

S220 Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine

Boiler: Independently certified electric boiler with automatic control, pressure switches, fail safe pressure cut out and large capacity relief valve

Turbine: Single stage , axial flow impulse(De Laval) turbine on a vertical shaft  mounted in corrosion resistant  sealed ball bearings. Convergent-divergent nozzle discharges at 20° to plane of  turbine rotation and rotor has blades with 45° inlet and discharge angles. Rotor diameter 50mm. Maximum turbine speed 40,000 rpm.

Water cooled Condenser:  Condenses turbine exhaust steam allowing heat rejection from the system to be measured.

Feed Water Reservoir:- Collects condensate from the condenser fro return via the feed pump to the boiler.

Feed Pump: low volume flow pump.

Flow Meters :- For condenser cooling water. Allows measurement of heat rejection from the condenser.

Digital Thermometer: 0.1ºC resolution, with multi-way selector switch for all relevant temperatures

Pressure gauges: For all relevant system pressures.

Turbine Tachometer:- Digital display and over speed cut out.

Turbine brake load: Digital indicator.

  • Investigation of a true Rankine Cycle Steam plant.
  • Determine of cycle thermal efficiency based on shaft power.
  • Determination of friction losses at various exhaust pressures.
  • Investigation of turbine torque/speed and power/speed characteristics.
  • Investigation of steam quality by throttling.
  • With the optional power generation module demonstration of electrical power generation.


A:  6.0kW 380/415 Volts, 3 Phase + Neutral, 50Hz (With earth/ground).


B:  6.0kW  210/220 Volts, 3 Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).

Cold Water:      

Continuous supply 5 litres/ minute at 25m head, intermittent supply at 25 Litre/minute.

Boiler Feed- Water

Small quantity (10litres) de-mineralised or distilled for initial fill. Then approximately 1 litre /. 10 hours running