RE580 Combined Wind & Solar Generator Demonstrator

RE580 Combined Wind & Solar Generator Demonstrator

A small (12V Nominal) solar panel with nominal 10W output is connected to a battery charge control system. The charge controller is also connected to a small (500mm diameter) wind turbine. The charge controller can be connected to the supplied 12V deep cycle lead acid battery.

The solar panel is supplied with a 500W solar simulator that allows the panel to be irradiated and generate power within the laboratory. This allows students to investigate the relative magnitude of incoming solar radiation, relative to power generated.

The 500mm diameter wind turbine can generate up to 25W at 19 knots (approximately 10 m/s). The generator uses a guarded tip rotor for operator safety.

To allow investigation of the wind generator inside the laboratory a small but powerful axial fan is supplied that will allow the generator to be run up to a realistic speed.

A hand held air velocity meter allows the air velocity before and after the generator to be investigated.

Both the solar panel and wind generator connect to a digital combined charge controller that allows the output from both the solar panel and the wind generator to be investigated.

The RE580 unit is complimentary to the Hilton RE540 Photovoltaic Trainer and the RE570 Wind Generator

RE580 Combined Wind & Solar Generator Demonstrator

A combined solar and wind power generation system with a purpose made combined digital charge controller with digital readout of both solar and wind generated power. The unit includes a simple solar simulator and high powered axial fan that allows the unit to be operated within the laboratory.

Optional Items:-

Optional Tachometer RE580B

Allows more detailed investigation of the wind turbine.

Optional Solarimeter RE580C

Allows more detailed investigation of the solar panel.

Optional Water Pump RE580D

A water pump specifically designed for use with solar installations.

Optional Single Phase Inverter RE580E

A single phase inverter designed to provide a single phase AC mains source from the solar/battery system

Optional Anemometer RE580F

Allows more detailled investigation of wind speed before and after the turbine

Optional Enclosure RE580G

Allows convenient storage of the entire system

Optional Clamp Ammeter RE580H

Allows measurement of current being used by any attached loads

  • Investigation of the components of a combined wind and solar power generation system
  • Investigation of the effect of panel output voltage with solar irradiation.
  • Investigation of the effects of shading on a practical solar installation.
  • Examination of battery charge management system.
  • Investigation of a wind power generator.
  • Investigation of the effect of wind direction on generator performance.
  • Investigation of the change in air momentum before and after the generator:-
    • When generating power
    • When not generating power
  • Examination of a battery charge management system.
  • Attachment of Optional DC Loads


A: 600W 220-240 Volts, Single Phase 50 Hz (with earth / ground).

     Line current up to 3.0A at 230v.                         


B: 600W 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (with earth /ground).

    Line current up to 6.0A at 110V.