R833 Air and Water Heat Pump

R833 Air and Water Heat Pump

A fully instrumented vapour compression heat pump operating on R134a with an aluminium finned air source evaporator, high efficiency plate type condenser and similar water source evaporator.

The evaporator source may be selected using a simple switch. Instrumentation allows investigation of heat transfers at each component of the refrigeration cycle.

Instrumentation includes digital temperature indicator, condenser and evaporator pressure gauges, refrigerant flowmeter and compressor power meter. Water flow rate may be measured and controlled by variable area flowmeters on both the evaporator and condenser, thereby varying both evaporating pressure and condensing pressure.

Safety devices include, condenser high pressure switch and compressor thermal overload switch, residual current circuit breaker and a combined double pole main switch and overload cut out.

R833 Air and Water Heat Pump

Operating parameters may be varied by manual adjustment of the evaporator and condenser water control valves, and selecting the air or water source evaporator by panel mounted switch.

Gauges (2) for evaporating and condensing pressures.

Multi-point Digital Temperature Indicator with 9 type K thermocouples. Resolution 0.1K

Flowmeters (3) for condenser cooling water and evaporator water flow rates and R134a flow rate.

Digital Wattmeter for compressor electrical energy.

All components are mounted on a high quality ABS plastic panel and base.

Safety Features: Condenser high pressure switch and compressor thermal overload switch. Residual current circuit breaker and a combined double pole main switch and overload cut out. All electrical components connected to common earth conductor.

  • Determination of Power Input, Heat Output and Coefficient of Performance.
  • Production of Heat Pump Performance Curves over a range of source and delivery temperatures.
  • Plotting of Vapour Compression Cycle on the Pressure Enthalpy diagram, and comparison with the Ideal Cycle.
  • Energy Balances for the Components and the Whole Cycle.
  • Estimation of Compressor Volumetric Efficiency Over a Range of Pressure Ratios.
  • Estimation of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients in the Evaporator and Condenser.


A:  700W, 220-240 Volts Single Phase 50Hz(With earth/ground).


B:  700W, 110-120 Volts Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).

    Uses Transformer supplied.

Units for use with other voltages or supply frequencies are available on special order. Details on request.                                                                     


0.1 litres s-1 at a minimum of 10m head. This can be continuous to drain or recirculated via a chiller unit. Details available on request.