R434 Vortex Tube Refrigerator

R434 Vortex Tube Refrigerator

The R434 is a fully instrumented bench top vortex tube refrigerator Module having no moving parts and requiring only a compressed air or other suitable gas supply to operate.

These units are normally used in specialised cooling applications where simplicity, reliability and compactness are required.

From compressed air at ambient temperature and a high speed rotating vortex, the unit produces air temperatures down to -20°C, can perform 75 watts of cooling and discharges a hot air stream at up to 70°C.

R434 Vortex Tube Refrigerator



A fully instrumented bench top vortex tube test unit for use with compressed air or other suitable gas.




Panel: High quality ABS plastic on which all components are mounted.

Vortex Tube:  Rated at 300 litre free air per minute at 700 kNm-2 gauge.

Pressure Regulator and Filter:  To supply clean and pressure stable air.

Heat Exchanger:  Concentric tube, contra flow.

Valves:  Two, for isolation and balance.

Flow:  Two, variable area type flowmeters, calibrated for air up to 4gm s-1.

Temperature:  Digital Temperature Indicator (Resolution 0.1oC) with selector buttons and three thermocouple sensors.

Pressure:  100 mm dia. gauge – range 0 to 800 kN m-2.

  • Demonstration of the ability to produce hot and cold air from a device with no moving parts.
  • Determination of refrigerant effect and comparison of this with the estimated power needed to drive the compressor.
  • Production of the performance curves for a vortex tube with:

(a) Variation of Inlet Pressure

(b) Variation of hot and cold gas ratio

(c) Variation of gas (if available).


A. 220/240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz. (With earth/ground)


B. 110/120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz. (With earth/ground)

Compressed Air:

300 litre free air per minute supplied at 700 kN m-2 gauge