HVT2 Reversible Pendulum

HVT2 Reversible Pendulum

The reversible pendulum consists of a rigid metal bar with two pivot points, one near each end of the bar. It can be suspended from either pivot and swung. The two pivots are adjustable on the rigid metal bar and this allows the periods of swing to be adjustable. In use, it is swung from one pivot, and the period timed, and then turned upside down and swung from the other pivot, and the period timed.

The movable pivot is adjusted until the two periods are equal. At this point the period is equal to the period of an ‘ideal’ simple pendulum of length equal to the distance between the pivots. From the period and the measured distance between the pivots, the acceleration of gravity can be calculated with great precision.

Other investigations from this experiment include centre of gravity of a compound pendulum; effect of fulcrum position and comparison with a simple pendulum.

To time the pendulum motion a stopwatch is provided whilst accurate positioning of the pendulum mass is achieved using the ruler provided.

A comprehensive instruction manual and a 2 year warranty are provided.

HVT2 Reversible Pendulum
  • To be apparatus to determine the gravitational acceleration 'g'
  • To consist of a wall mounted bracket onto which a suspended rigid bar is mounted.
  • To have two movable pivots to adjust the pivot point of the bar
  • A stopwatch and measure for taking measurements on this apparatus supplied
  • Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided
  • 2 year warranty
  • Investigate the effect of fulcrum position
  • To find the acceleration due to gravity 'g'