HVT14d Digital Spring Mass Vibration System

The HVT14 Spring Mass Vibrations Apparatus is a bench top or floor mounted unit to analyse the oscillations of a helical spring mass system. The sturdy bench top base secures two vertical guides in a vertical plane.

The spring holder has its own self weight, but additionally a number of calibrated weights can be added to vary the oscillating mass. The vertical motion is recorded via a single axis accelerometer sensor to a sensor box at the base of the unit. This sensor box houses a digital oscilloscope which is connected to a PC or laptop (not supplied) via USB. The data acquisition software supplied allows the capture, display, storage and retrieval of the excitation frequency and spring response from the HVT14d apparatus.

Supplied with a single standard spring but with the ability to adjust the number of active coils and fixed in an easy to change setup if additional spring module is purchased.

The oscillations of the cradle can be free or damped. The damped option requires the damper to be attached to the cradle. This option has an oil filled tub mounted at the bottom of the frame. Into this tub travels a number of discs. These discs are either solid OR ‘holed’. The ‘holed’ discs can be turned on each other to vary the amount of ‘HOLE’ presented to the oil. By varying the configuration it is possible to adjust the damping from ‘NO DISCS’ through to ‘SOLID DISCS’.

Optional demonstration units include:

Additional Spring Kit                           HVT14b

Motor Controller                                   HVT14c

Forced Vibrations Module                  HVT14e

Forced Displacement of Spring Support Module                                    HVT14g

This unit is supplied with a detailed experimental operating and maintenance manual giving example experimental results and calculations.

  • Nett (excluding set of weights): 610 x 400 x 1250 mm, 50 kg
  • Universal power supply for sensor box (Input: 100Vac/ 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.6A. Output: 12Vdc, 0.8A)
  • Calibrated test weights: 5 x 5N
  • Helical tension spring; Spring rate 0.241N/mm
  • Single axis accelerometer and sensor box with digital oscilloscope incorporated.
  • Variable start position of cradle using adjustable screw jack mechanism.
  • Damping oil supplied.
  • Picoscope software provided to display, record and analyse results. USB connection to host PC or laptop required.
  • To obtain the spring rate from experimental data.
  • Frequency of oscillation (free / un-damped)
  • Frequency of oscillation (free / damped)
  • Damping ratio calculations.
  • Adjustable starting spring length.
  • Range of oscillating masses to be tested with.
  • Spectral analysis of data available. From software calculation of natural frequency and natural decay of system.