HVT12k Data Acquisition System

HVT12k Data Acquisition System

This unique and compact Data Acquisition System is an essential accessory for the HVT12 Universal Vibrations Apparatus experiments. When connected to the relevant experiment and its sensors, the system allows measuring, capturing, storing and analysing of experiment data.

Experiment software supplied with the apparatus simulates an oscilloscope, allowing parameters such as phase angle, excitation frequency and displacement to be viewed. The parameters are fed into the system via the experiment sensors, i.e. proximity sensor, LVDT.

The system is quick and easy to set up and connects to the host pc (not supplied) using a USB connection. The experiment transducers are wired into the HVT12k using front mounted BNC sockets.

The software has menu options which allow amplitude measurements, x axis measurements, channel on/off, automatic channel set-up. All parameters are displayed on the software of the host computer. Data can be stored locally for retrieval at a later date by the end user.

The software also has movable cursors which allow the amplitude and horizontal axis to be measured.

The interface is powered solely from the USB connector (supplied).

Comprehensive instruction manuals are supplied suitable for student operation of the hardware and covers all aspects of set-up, and operation.

HVT12k Data Acquisition System
  • PC Data Acquisition system for data capture and storage of inputs from experiments within the HVT12 Universal Vibrations Apparatus
  • Can be used with other HVT range of experiments with suitable sensor outputs
  • To accept inputs of frequency and displacement
  • Software for results analysis
  • To incorporate USB port(s) for computer connection
  • To operate from USB supply voltage
  • All connection leads included
  • To be supplied with comprehensive instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty