HVT12d Vibration Absorber

HVT12d Vibration Absorber

Experimental module, which fits into the HVT12f Vibrations frame (not supplied) making up part of the HVT12 Universal Vibration Apparatus.

A central block is clamped to the test beam. It carries two spring steel strips which are clamped in a cantilever arrangement transversely across the test beam. Attached onto each cantilever is a set of masses, which can have their magnitude and position adjusted.

With the aid of the LVDT from the HAC90 (sold separately) the cantilevers and mass system can be tuned to the same natural frequency as the surround test beam and motor exciter. Once this is achieved the resonance frequency of the original system can be observed along with the resonance frequency of the vibration absorber itself.

This is an excellent visual demonstration of how a vibration absorber operates. Students can plot the resonance curve of the test beam with and without the damping absorber thus explaining fully its use.

For best results this vibration absorber must be used in conjunction with the HVT12g experiment module (sold separately)

HVT12d Vibration Absorber
  • To be an experimental module making up part of the HVT12 universal Vibration Apparatus
  • To consists of central attachment block with two spring steel cantilevers onto which masses are clamped
  • Tuning of vibration absorber achievable through testing and moving masses
  • To be attachable to test beam
  • Excellent visual demonstrator
  • Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided
  • 2 year warranty