HVT12c Beam Bending (Transverse) Vibration Module

HVT12c Beam Bending (Transverse) Vibration Module

Experimental module, which fits into the HVT12f Vibration Frame (not supplied) making up part of the HVT12 Universal Vibration Apparatus.

A flexible beam is supported between two end brackets which create simply supported end conditions. One end bracket allows pivoting only whilst the other allows rolling and pivoting only. One of the brackets is supported on vertical supports that can be moved depending on the beam length being used. The vertical brackets and standard length beam are both supplied.

The beam is forced to vibrate using a motor exciter. This motor exciter can be attached anywhere along the beam length between the brackets. The motor exciter is supplied as standard and has two eccentric masses attached directly to the motor spindle at either end. This allows high rotational speeds to be achieved. A speed sensor on the motor exciter monitors the speed of rotation of the eccentric masses and outputs this to the HAC90 Tachometer (sold separately).

The motor exciter supplied has the ability to have its mass increased by the addition of the calibrated masses supplied. These masses can also be attached in a stack at other points on the test beam.

A damping tub, damping medium and damping discs are also supplied to give additional adjustment to the apparatus

The exciter is speed controlled using the HAC110 (sold separately). The beam displacement is monitored using the HAC90 LVDT assembly. The signal from the LVDT and speed sensor are output from the HAC90 (sold separately) and can then be fed directly into the HVT12k or HAC50 (both sold separately)

HVT12c Beam Bending (Transverse) Vibration Module
  • To be an experimental module making up part of the HVT12 universal Vibration Apparatus
  • Comprises a flexible beam supported on end brackets giving simply supported end conditions
  • Beam forced to vibrate using a exciter motor and associated masses
  • Adjustable damping can be added
  • Damping tub and medium supplied
  • Additional masses to be supplied
  • Beam displacement monitored using LVDT of HAC90 (sold separately)
  • Beam excitation frequency monitored using HAC90 (sold separately)
  • Beam excitation and displacement to be captured using HVT12k or HAC50 (both sold separately)
  • Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided 2 year warranty
  • Free vibration of a simply supported beam
  • Forced vibration of a simply supported beam Natural frequency of oscillations
  • Resonance
  • Amplitude of vibrations
  • Phase lag