HTM90 Machinary Diagnostic System

HTM90 Machinary Diagnostic System

The machinery diagnostic system can be used to simulate certain types of damage and investigate its effects on the vibration spectrum. The HTM90 base unit permits vibration measurement exercises whereby readings can be taken from different points on the apparatus and at different motor speeds. Users can also complete exercises from purposefully induced faults (measurement of vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration in the time/frequency range). Balancing of rigid rotors and alignment of shafts can also be practiced.

The bench top base unit frame allows the quick and easy mounting of the key component parts. The key components of the base unit are the mechanical elements (i.e. motor, bearing blocks and shaft with rotors). A speed controller and tachometer display are supplied to allow the accurate controlling and displaying of the speed of the motor. The base frame, with integral grooves allows the elements of the apparatus to be moved and adjusted into position accurately.

A spring resonance kit is also supplied with the base unit. Procedures for testing vibrational displacement, unbalance, misalignment and mechanical looseness is also outlined within the instruction manual.

To protect the end user during experimental running there is also a protective guard supplied, there is also a safety key and emergency shut offs on the controls of the unit to ensure user safety.

The base unit is one of many elements to the overall system of modules. This base unit forms the main start point of the system and is what all other elements of the system are attached to.  

A comprehensive instruction manual, tools and a 2 year warranty are supplied.

HTM90 Machinary Diagnostic System
  • Bench top Base unit for machinery diagnostic system
  • Rigid base plate with grooved elements for quick and easy install and adjustment of components
  • Motor, electronically controlled and speed/power displayed on control box
  • 2 shafts: 1x short, 1x long
  • 2 balanced rotors with interchangeable balance weights/ screws
  • Interchangeable bearing blocks and roller bearings
  • Flexible coupling
  • Motor can be aligned at different angles
  • Safety guard
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty
  • Introduction to vibration measurement methods on rotating machinery systems
  • Fundamentals of measurement of shaft and bearing vibrations
  • Transducers and measuring devices
  • Fundamentals of vibration measurement methods