HTM9 Simple Flywheel

HTM9 Simple Flywheel

A steel disc Ø250mm diameter and 30mm thick is mounted on a shaft running in precision bearings housed in a substantial wall bracket.

A mark on the flywheel and a pointer on the bracket enables the revolutions to be counted and timed with the stop watch supplied. A cord, load hanger and set of weights are provided to start the flywheel rotating.

From the timings of a known number of revolutions, students can then verify the expeirmental capabilities of the apparatus.

A comprehensive instruction manual for lecturer and student, giving full details on apparatus assembly and operation as well as example results. All necessary assembly and operational tools are provided.

Optional accessories: HAC14

HTM9 Simple Flywheel
  • Large steel flywheel with mark on perimeter
  • Steel flywheel Ø250mm x 30mm thick
  • Cord wrapped around shaft of flywheel
  • Hanger locates onto cord and pulls flywheel around when calibrated weights applied to hanger
  • Pointer on periphery of flywheel to record rotations
  • Stopwatch supplied
  • Comprehensive instruction manual provided
  • 2 year warranty
  • To verify the second law of motion applied to a flywheel, ie the relationship between torque and angular acceleration
  • To compare experimental and calculated moments of inertia of a disc
  • To study the energy transformations and to demonstrate that a flywheel can be used to store energy