HTM8 Cam Analysis

HTM8 Cam and Follower Apparatus

A vertical pillar contains the main spindle for each cam to be rotated, whilst a dial gauge has its anvil resting on the top edge of the cam. Each cam is mounted on a central shaft and is free to rotate about this shaft. The cams are rotated by hand.

The rise and fall displacement of the cam, as it rotates through 360°, is measured using a dial gauge. The angular position of the cam is shown on a protractor and a pointer, this assembly allows the cams position through rotation to be recorded. Cams and followers are easily changed and graphs for the variety of cams can be created to compare the linear change with the rise and fall of the follower.

A set of cams are supplied as standard along with a set of followers which run on the perimeter of each cam. Each cam can be easily changed and the angular and dial gauge readings are clear.

A comprehensive instruction manual for lecturer and student, giving full details on apparatus assembly and operation as well as example results. All necessary assembly and operational tools are provided.

HTM8 Cam Analysis
  • Set of 5 cams: Simple Harmonic Motion Cam, Uniform Motion Cam, Constant Acceleration Cam, Tangent Cam, Eccentric Cam
  • Set of 2 followers: roller and knife-edge
  • Dial gauge: 25mm range, 0.01mm resolution, 60mm diameter reading face.
  • Angular protractor scale with 360º range and 1º resolution
  • Comprehensive instruction manual provided
  • 2 year warranty
  • To determine a graph of follower displacement against angular rotation of the cam
  • To derive the velocity and acceleration diagrams, and determine the maximum acceleration of the follower
  • To assess the effect of different cams and followers
  • To compare experimental and calculated results