HTM79 Inertia in Rotational Motion

HTM79 Inertia in Rotational Motion

The HTM79 Inertia in Rotational Motion apparatus is a compact bench mounted unit allowing the study of rotational inertia against the affect of varying rotational mass, radius of gyration and mass distribution.

A sturdy based plate contains two vertical rods. One supports a pulley wheel over which runs the test cord, whilst the other vertical rod supports a bearing housing onto which all the test bodies are easily attached. To minimize friction, the bearing housing contains two precision bearings.

Three test bodies are supplied: solid cylinder, hollow cylinder and rectangular bar. All mount quickly and easily to the bearing housing. Clamp on weights are provided which easily and quickly attach to the rectangular bar using plastic screws. The radius of gyration of the clamp on weights can be easily adjusted and measured.

If required the vertical position of the masses can be adjusted accurately and measured using the tape measure provided.

The test bodies are driven using a cord. The cord is attached and wrapped around the bearing housing, and runs over a pulley on one of the vertical rods and terminates at a load hanger. The load hanger drops over the edge of the workbench.

Two methods of timing can be performed; time the drop of the load hanger over a known distance or time a set number of rotations of the test body. For the latter method a reference point is positioned on both the test body and pulley block.

The load hanger carries slotted weights, which vary the driving force being applied to the rotating bodies. A comprehensive instruction manual for student and lecturer is provided along with a 2 year warranty.

HTM79 Inertia in Rotational Motion
  • Apparatus to demonstrate inertia in rotational motion
  • To enable study of effect on rotational inertia due to mass variation, radius of gyration, mass distribution
  • To include solid and hollow cylinders and rectangular bar with clamp on weights
  • To be easily mounted on a bench for small work group sizes
  • To comprise of base, vertical rods, bearing housing, pulley, cord, hanger and weights set
  • Driving load applied to rotating body via pulleys, cord and load hanger
  • Clamp on weights to be easily added and adjusted
  • To utilise free running bearings to reduce apparatus and experimental friction
  • To include weights set, load hanger and stopwatch for timing hanger drop
  • Comprehensive technical manual
  • 2 year warranty
  • Determination of the moment of inertia of various bodies
  • Influence of the rotating mass on the moment of inertia
  • Influence of the radius of rotation on the moment of inertia
  • Comparison of the moments of inertia of solid and hollow cylinders of the same weight and outside diameter
  • Experimentally define ‘Moment of Inertia’