HTM24 Universal Drive Module

HTM24 Universal Drive Module

This compact bench top unit consists of a sturdy cradle, with bearings at either end. Suspended between the bearings is a motor, which gives drive to a variety of customer designed apparatus.

The floating motor is free to rotate and with a moment arm, rests against a load cell. Attached to the motor shaft is a coupling. The engineering drawing for the coupling mating half is supplied for the customer to produce.

The motor is speed controlled using the control box supplied. The signal from the load cell is also fed directly into the control box. The front panel of the control box has the speed control potentiometer, tachometer display for motor speed and the force display for the load cell signal. The torque being applied to the attached apparatus can be calculated using these parameters.

A comprehensive instruction manual for lecturer and student, giving full details on apparatus assembly and operation as well as example results. All necessary assembly and operational tools are provided.

HTM24 Universal Drive Module
  • 500N load cell
  • Speed controller to upwards of 2800rpm
  • AC Motor
  • Tachometer display to 1rpm
  • Force display to 0.1N
  • Comprehensive instruction manual provided
  • 2 year warranty
  • Introduction to drive system
  • Calculations involving torque, moment, speed and power